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About Microlinks

As a leading IT Company, Microlinks understands current technological advancements and market demands; and proactively work towards satisfying our clients growing demands!

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Innovation: We build solutions for the future. Innovation is part of our culture and the key competitive advantage we provide our customers with in terms of skilled people, current technology trends, strong procedures, R&D passion.

Quality: We make no compromise when it comes to quality. We develop, test and deliver based on accurate working procedures, well-defined processes and highly skilled software engineers and QA testers.


Timely Delivery: With us delivery on time is a default benefit. We always deliver in due time with a closely monitored software development lifecycle.Highly-tech Staff: Our talented team of engineers breathe technology. We keep them challenged with continuous technical certifications. This way we favor low employee turnover and a stable, organic growth.

Industry Know-how: We know the ins&outs of core business processes in various industries, like Manufacturing & Logistics, Healthcare & Fitness, Travel & Tourism, e-Commerce, Retail & POS, Real Estate, Health & Pharma, Automotive.

Value-for-money: You buy high value at a good price. Microlinks practices convenient rates, fast reaction and operation times, mixed in flexible business models to suite a variety of needs.


Flexibility: Microlinks has a mature organizational structure with a mainly flat hierarchy which gives us the speed and flexibility to quickly adapt to project and customer needs.

Transparency: All projects details are transparent: project plan and status, task assignments and issues. We give our customers access to our internal project planning and monitoring infrastructure at request.